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Good morning guys!

It's a brand new year...and life has been...eventful!

Still working and plugging away at my daily's just become a little more...hectic I guess.

Quite a bit has happened since my journal update from April of last year.

Still can't seem to muster any energy trying to do any sort of writing or drawing. I'm still reading a lot of fanfiction, but with Naruto finally done it seems like everybody lost interest in writing and updating stories. In fact a lot of the authors that I follow haven't updated much, if at all, in quite a while. And I can totally sympathize with happens, interests change, artistic mojo wanes...there are just days that I wish an alert would pop up in my email letting me know a new chapter has been added because I could really use a GOOD fanfiction read right about now. And yeah I know...the same can be said about me updating my own story for those who are patiently waiting but as I said, life happens, mojo wanes...blarg!

We ended up selling our house back in September. It was just falling apart around our ears and we couldn't keep up with the bandage fixes to keep it going, so we put it up on the market. Can I just say that I NEVER want to go through that again!! We had to continue living in the house while it was showing ('cause we had nowhere to move to yet, it all depended on the sale of the house). My son and my mom had to leave the house daily, starting at 8:30am (with a cat and dog in tow) and had to stay out of the house until about 7pm-8pm. I would be at work until 5pm and had to join them (usually in a public park) and waste 2-3 hours doing nothing but sit there, wait and twiddle my thumbs. 
We didn't even have the weekends to be a family in the house either...we had to be up and out the door by 9am. There were a couple of times where we were siting at the top of the street (about 6 houses away) in the car waiting for the real estate agents and prospects to leave because they were running late past the time we were allowed back into the house. We even had one night where we couldn't get back in to the house until almost 10pm because a couple of agents ran late earlier in the evening and caused a cascade of lateness for everybody else, plus double bookings at the last minute as well. It was hell...pure hell! We ended up booking about 60+ viewings and on the day bidding was supposed to start, we had 8 offers on the table...which is pretty damn good. The majority were low ball offers, which we said "f*ck you!" to...the price for the size of land/property alone in the city of Toronto was worth every penny of our asking price...but we had two families who put in offers more then we were asking. One gentleman showed up to the house one day after viewings were over and asked my mom if he could just quickly see the plot of land itself. He said he already saw the house earlier but he just wanted another look at the land. So, my mom let him and he was oohing and ahhing and gushing about how his family would LOVE to buy it just for the size of the back yard alone (so his kids had tons of room to run and play). He and my mom talked for about a good half an hour before he left. He seemed to be a good guy and she nicknamed him "Skippy" because he was practically skipping around the whole yard as he was gushing on and on and on. LOL. He was one high bidder. The other high bidder was from an older couple who fell in love with the view off the back deck out to the ravine. We were going to choose Skippy (who told our agent that he would bid even more) but the paperwork he filled out for his offer didn't quite add just seemed fishy. The wording in different sections of his bid didn't match and our agent advised us not to proceed because the way it was done could have null and voided the purchase. So we went with the older couple and we were moved out on September 30th...
And OMFG!!! the drama when their financing didn't look like it would come through...FRACK!!! I swear we aged at least 10 years just from the stress alone of not knowing if the sale would go through or if we had to start all over again with the viewings...
AND trying to clear out a small 2 story house (plus basement) with 50+ years of clutter in it, in less then 3 weeks...utter insanity!!! We spent almost 20 grand in fees for 4 dumpsters, junk removal companies, rental vans, etc...I'm getting a headache just remembering the stress we went through...*heads desk*
My sister and her kids moved out of the house about a month before the viewings, so she got to avoid all of that it was just up to my income to keep us afloat until the sale of the house. Yeah...nice it was not...
I was able to find a two bedroom apartment for my son and I for a pretty damn good price in a fairly decent neighborhood...and the apartment is HUGE! Tons of on-suite storage and the bedrooms were bigger then what we had in the house. The kitchen is a tiny galley kitchen, but the large living room and added dining room totally make up for it! My mother moved in with us and turned the dining room into her bedroom until she could find her own apartment. She ended up getting a one bedroom in the same building I'm in, for a pretty decent price too. All the other places where she wanted to live where smaller then a shoebox and for ridiculous rent. I told her to just ask about viewing a one bedroom in the series of buildings in my complex, it couldn't hurt. So she did and immediately fell in love with the size of the apartment. She moved in to her new apartment on December 1st. It also makes it easier for her too since she still has access to the car and Justin (my son) still gets to see the dog practically everyday. LOL They are best friends afterall...:D

In October, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension. At the beginning of January, I had to start taking insulin because my sugar monitoring, diet change and pills weren't bringing my blood sugar levels down (hovered anywhere between 15-19, peaked one time at not good!). With the insulin, my levels are now down around 9-13. Still high, but not dangerously high...nothing a little tweaking of dosages can't make better. I need to exercise more but with the cold weather, it makes going outside for walks that much harder and there is no f*cking way I am taking my fat ass into a gym for people to stare and make fun of. Also because of my diabetes, I have lost all sensation in my feet (diabetic neuropathy) and I have caused damage to my kidneys. I've got everybody looking out for my well being. Not only my family, but my coworkers as well. Thankfully my work is very understanding and is allowing me to attend all of my required doctors appointments without making a fuss.

Justin is now a college man! He was having difficulty with high school and ended up quitting about a year and a half ago. In November, he received a call from his guidance counsellor at his old high school about free schooling through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program. He applied for it and we finally learned last week that he was accepted and will be starting his apprenticeship as an automechanic at Centennial College (Ashtonbee campus) starting the first week of February. YAY!!

I'm going to close out on that happy note. I need to go check my sugar level...until next time!

P.S. Thanks for replying jojo-kun and xakana, to my last journal entry. Sorry for not responding...I haven't check my account since I posted that journal (except to buy a print for my living room). It's nice to know you guys are still around and kicking!
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